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In the Fall of 2004, MaineDOT launched a statewide campaign to improve public outreach, and implement strategic economic development with corridor-based planning. This new process is beginning with a Regional Needs Assessment for each of the six Economic Development Districts in the state. The Regional Needs Assessment process for southern Maine is being developed for the Southern Maine Economic Development District, which encompasses all of York County and most of Cumberland County.

What are Southern Maine's Regional Needs? Let us know by filling out and returning the following survey. Survey Link

The new process will replace the seven Regional Transportation Advisory Committees (RTAC) that were charged throughout the 1990s up until this year to provide MaineDOT with public input on regional policy matters. Like the RTAC process, Maine DOT receives input and guidance from a regional steering committee to formulate statewide policy and prioritize transportation needs. In the Southern Maine Economic Development District, the regional needs steering committee is called the Southern Maine Corridors Committee (SMCC). SMRPC works together with the Greater Portland Council of Governments and MDOT to provide staff services to the Regional Needs Assessment process.

MDOT’s rule for the Sensible Transportation Policy Act (STPA) required that RTACs represent a diverse group of transportation stakeholders. The Southern Maine Corridors Committee remains diverse and continues to follow the MDOT STPA rule. The Southern Maine Corridors Committee is:

"...comprised of “local and state officials and interested citizens from within the region who broadly and fairly represent the concerns of planners, environmentalists, business and commerce, different transportation modes, historic preservation, the elderly, the disabled, and other diverse interests.”

The committee meets throughout the year. All meetings are open to the public.

For more information contact Julia Dawson at [email protected]


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