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Kittery Area Comprehensive Transportation Study Metropolitan Planning Organization (KACTS MPO)

Unified Work Plan 2010-2011

Public Participation Plan

KACTS Transportation Improvement Plan 2010-2013

KACTS Title VI Plan FY08

KACTS Long-Range Goals and Objectives (12/09)

KACTS MPO Long Range Transportation Plan 2006-2030 (Technical Update)

KACTS Transportation Improvement Program 2008-2011

KACTS Transportation Improvement Program 2006-2008

KACTS Transportation Improvement Program 2004-2006

KACTS Unified Planning Work Program

KACTS Title VI/Environmental Justice Non Discrimination Plan

South Berwick Origin-Destination Survey (Draft)

South Berwick Origin-Destination Survey Map Series

KACTS Public Involvement Procedure

An Overview of Transportation & Environmental Justice

KACTS By-Laws amended June 2009



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Regional Transportation Assessment

Final Draft Regional Transportation Assessment for the Southern Maine Economic Development District:

Cover Page

Table of Contents and Acronym List

Executive Summary

Corridor Identification, Needs and Objectives

Appendix A: Southern Coast Corridor Inventory

Appendix B: Southern Maine Central Corridor Inventory

Appendix C: York County East-West Corridor Inventory

Appendix D: Coastal PACTS Corridor Inventory

Appendix E: Cumberland County Central Corridor Inventory

Appendix F: Lakes Region Corridor Inventory

Appendix G: Southern Maine Corridors Steering Committee Prioritization Process

Appendix H: Statewide Growth Management Goals

Appendix I: Mobility and Retrograde Arterial Corridors

Appendix J: Top Employers in Cumberland and York Counties

Appendix K: Public Involvement Plan

Appendix L: Public Involvement Calender

Appendix M: Stakeholder Representation

Appendix N: Meeting Minutes

Appendix O: Transportation Public Opinion Survey

Transportation Financing Presentations -- Southern Maine Transportation Open House 3/3/05:

Funding the PACTS Plan - John Duncan, PACTS

Long Range Planning and Infrastructure Deficit - Chris Mann, Maine DOT

Financing Transportation -- Innovative Ideas - Tom Reinauer, SMRPC

Maine Turnpike -- Thinking Ahead - Conrad Welzel, Maine Turnpike Authority

Southern Maine Economic Development District Public Involvement Plan

Southern Maine Economic Development District Corridor System Map



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Route 109 Corridor Committee

Route 109 Corridor Study 2004 - Interim Report

Route 109 Corridor Study 2004 - Executive Summary

Route 109 Corridor Study 2004 - Appendix

Proposed New Access Roads -- Route 109 Sanford Map

Directional Mobility & Developed vs. Undeveloped Parcels Map (11 x 17)


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Route 111 Corridor Committee

Route 111 Corridor Committee Final Report

Route 111 Access Build-out Scenario Map Series

Arundel Follow Up Memo

Lyman Follow Up Memo

Sanford Follow Up Memo


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Route 113 Corridor Planning

Scenic Byway Planning

Pequawket Trail Scenic Byway Application for Maine Scenic Byway Status


Route 113 Scenic Byway Project Description (March 2006)

Route 113 Scenic Byway Project Map (March 2006)

"If We Build It" Presentation, Mountain Division Rail Forum (September 2006)

Mountain Division Rail Freight Study (2005)

Route 113 Future Forum Series Kickoff Meeting (June 2006)

Route 113 Regional Assets Presentation

Scenic Byway Presentation

Fryeburg Academy Campus Map

Background on Pequawket Trail Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan



Route 113 Economic Development Planning

State of Maine Regional Recognition Award

CDBG Planning Grant Summary (January 2006)

A Community Development Plan for the Mountain Division Line: Hiram, Brownfield and Fryeburg, ME (April 2005)

Brownfield Map for Community Development Plan

Fryeburg Map for Community Development Plan

Hiram Map for Community Development Plan

Route 113 Presentation (July 2004)

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Route 236 Corridor Implementation Committee

236 Documents can be found on the 236 website. Click here.

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Traffic Incident Management Group

Traffic Incident Management Group Action Plan

Al's Towing Quick Clearance Presentation


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Other Transportation Planning Efforts

Transportation and Land Use Planning Integration Workshop Series

Transportation Impact Fees, Saco Holiday Inn Express, February 6, 2007

Financing Infrastructure Improvements Through Impact Fees Manual and Impact Fee Calculation

Transportation Impact Fee Basics Presentation, Mark Eyerman, President, Planning Decisions, Inc.

Brewer, Maine's Wilson Street Impact Fee Program Presentation, Linda Johns and Frank Higgins, City of Brewer

Scarborough, Maine's Payne Road, Dunston Corner and proposed Oak Hill Impact Fee Program Presentation, Jim Wendel and Dan Bacon, Town of Scarborough

Transportation Impact Fee Website Resources

Creative Parking Polices and Practices Workshop, Saco Holiday Inn Express, January 31, 2007

Creative Parking Policies and Practices Presentation, David Fields, AICP, Nelson-Nygaard Consulting Associates

Parking 101 Presentation, Mark Chase, AICP, Nelson-Nygaard Consulting Associates

Parking Management: Strategies, Evaluation and Planning, Todd Litman, Victoria Transport Policy Institute

Sample Web Resources for Parking

Parking Guidance from the American Planning Association

Right of Way Acquisition and Municipal Planning Workshop, Anderson Learning Center, September 20, 2006

Transportation Corridor Preservation Is...

Who Benefits from Corridor Preservation?

Corridor Preservation Techniques

Right of Way Preservation Issues

A Review of the Existing Functional Classification of Changing Rural Highways in York County

Appendix: Raw Traffic Counts Used for Functional Classification Study

Low Cost, Short-Term Recommendations for Improving the Safety of High Crash Locations
In Rural York County

Identification of Rural Intersections to Benefit from Installation of Intersection Collision Avoidance Warning Systems (ICAWS)

Intersections with Safety Concerns

Revised Performance & Design Standards for Accesses & Streets for State of Maine Model Subdivision Regulations (Draft)

Shoreline Explorer: Design of a Coastal York County Transit System

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction and Executive Summary
Chapter 2: Existing Transit Service
Chapter 3: Review of Peer Transit Services
Chapter 4: Market Groups and Transportation Needs
Chapter 5: Service Design Alternatives
Chapter 6: Bus Stops, Circulation, and Pedestrian Access
Chapter 7: Possible Technology Strategies
Chapter 8: Marketing Strategies
Chapter 9: Management Alternatives
Chapter 10: Fare Strategies and Ridership Projections
Chapter 11: Capital and Financial Plan
Chapter 12: Public Participation

Click here to view the SMRPC Shoreline Explorer Page


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Route 1 Corridor Coalition

Route 1 Action Plan By Priority

Study of Freight Transportation in Maine

Route 1 Corridor Data Packet - First Installment - April 5, 2006

Gateway One Presentation on January 17, 2006






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