SMRPC Meeting
October 12, 2005
Springvale, Maine


SMRPC is having a meeting on Wednesday October 12, at 10 am at the Nason Heritage Center, basement on proposed DEP rule changes. Our staff is preparing comments to the DEP and urgently needs input from our member towns to provide comments during the comment period on proposed rules to change the following standards:

1. Minimum Shoreland Zoning Guidelines, Chapter 1000
2. Protection of Significant Wildlife Habitats, Chapters 335 and 375

Meeting Announcment

DEP Power Point Slides- October 20 hearing
Chapter 335 changes - scenarios 1 & 2
Chapter 335 proposed changes
Chapter 375 proposed changes
DEP Memo Explaining Rule Changes - October 20 hearing
Chapter 335 changes - scenario 3
Proposed SLZ Guidelines Changes Fall 2005