Work Plan and Schedule

Click here for the official EPA fact sheet on the SMRPC Brownfields program.

The focus of the SMRPC Brownfields Program will be on the redevelopment of downtowns and adjacent areas. We hope to use this Brownfields grant as the opening component of a regional downtown and village revitalization strategy that provide for infill development and the reuse of older buildings and sites. The program will work to provide both housing and economic development opportunities in downtown/village areas as part of the regional effort to using redevelopment as a means of fighting sprawl.

The project's timeline is as follows:

February-March 2005 - Inventory of Potential Brownfield Sites

April-June 2005 - Phase I Site Assessments

July-October 2005 - Phase II Site Assessments

November 2005-May 2006 - Reuse and Remedial Action Planning

March-April 2006 - Public meetings to discuss draft Reuse and Action Plans

June 2006 - Completion of Final Remedial Action and Reuse Plan