Impact Fees


In cooperation with the State Planning Office, SMRPC has completed a handbook on impact fees for Maine municipalities, entitled "Financing Infrastructure Improvements through Impact Fees." This handbook is designed to give cities and towns background information on impact fees, answers to frequently asked questions about impact fees, and a step-by-step guide for the creation of impact fee ordinances.

As part of this undertaking, SMRPC staff has developed models in Microsoft Excel to help local decision-makers calculate the magnitude of three different types of impact fees: school improvements, parks and open space, and highway improvements.

Downloads and Links:

Download the entire Handbook in PDF format.

Note: You will need Acrobat Reader to view the Handbook. If you do not currently have this software on your compute, you can click here to download Acrobat Reader for free.

Open the following Excel spreadsheet models from Apendix B of the Handbook:

School Improvements
Parks and Open Space
Highway Improvements

Note: You can save the spreadsheets to your hard drive by right clicking on the spreadsheet, choosing the "save to" command and then saving it to your hard drive.


View the State of Maine's Impact Fee Regulations




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