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After Action Reports

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Management of an incident will only be effective when there is an ongoing process of evaluation. The Post Incident Analysis (PIA) is the recreation of events that occurred to review and assess the process, procedures and operations performed to identify the effectiveness and weaknesses during the incident time frame.

An “incident” is defined as any non-recurring event that causes a reduction of roadway capacity or an abnormal increase in demand. Such events include traffic crashes, disabled vehicles, spilled cargo, highway maintenance and reconstruction projects, and special non-emergency events (e.g., ball games, concerts, or any other event that significantly affects roadway operations).

The purpose of the Post Incident Analysis is to:

  • Reinforce effective operations
  • Identify areas of improvement for future operations
  • Share results with others seeking opportunities to be more effective

The analysis is not used to criticize or discipline any persons or actions taken during the incident. All participants in the analysis process must be truthful and candid in an effort to determine operational or management areas that may need improvement. 


After Action Reports: