Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

The Southern Maine Planning & Development Commission provides bicycle and pedestrian planning and assistance to local municipal committees and regional projects.  We are currently working with the communities of Fryeburg, Kittery, Ogunquit, Sanford, and York. 

In collaboration with the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, we have created the York County Active Communities Network.  The York County Active Communities Network works to convene a broad spectrum of stakeholders and to integrate the county’s bicycle and pedestrian work and needs across all interested groups.  The benefits of participating in the Network include learning about new options for making bicycle and pedestrian improvements, exploring funding opportunities, and communicating and sharing with other bicycle-pedestrian interested folks. 


The York County Bike/Pedestrian Network meets 3-4 times per year, lasting 2-2.5 hours per meeting.  The meeting format consists of:

  • a special bike/pedestrian topic/skills presentation and discussion
  • reports by members regarding bicycle/pedestrian-related work being completed in York County
  • group discussion and trouble shooting


We are also working with the local Healthy Maine Partnerships to promote the use of Active Community Environment Teams (ACE) in our communities.  According to the Maine CDC, 


Active Community Environments are places where people of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to live, work and play in a safe and inviting place which enables physically active recreation and transportation, particularly walking and biking.  ACE Teams help promote those principles of Active Communities.