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Mobilize Maine is an asset based approach to economic development that has gained national recognition. This approach to regional economic development is currently underway in the SMRPC area. Click here for meeting information, meeting summaries, power point presentations and contact information.

Maine is jumpstarting its economy through an innovative initiative called Mobilize Maine. Led by the state’s Economic Development Districts, Mobilize Maine is a proactive approach to revitalizing the economy by drawing on regional assets.


Workforce Action Team [February 1, 2012 Minutes] Click Me PDF File
Asset Mapping [February 16, 2012 Meeting] Click Me PDF File
Additional Asset Mapping Click Me PDF File
Workforce Action Team [February 29, 2012 Minutes] Click Me PDF File


GoalsPowerpoint Presentations

Mobilize Maine Workforce Action Team Click Me  
Mobilize Maine Leadership Team Click Me  
Mobilize Maine Distribution List Click Me  
Goals and Vision Statement Click Me PDF File
Mobilize Maine Discovery Phase in So ME - February 16, 2012 Click Me PDF File
So ME Workforce Development Action Team - February 29, 2012 Click Me PDF file