Cooperative Purchasing

Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission's Cooperative Purchasing Program began in the early 1980's as a way for our region's municipalities, non-profit agencies, and school districts to save money and time for municipal services and products.

As a group; working in conjunction with Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG), municipalities, non-profit agencies, and school districts use collective buying power to reduce prices on everyday supplies and seasonal services, and at the same time, reduce administrative costs.  Many of our towns actually save several times over their " yearly dues" through this opportunity.

Savings:   In 2015 - 32 Towns saved $217,581.00


  • SMPDC - Pavement Marking/Road Striping: Contract begins on April 9th - 2018-2019 Bid Results

    Extremely competitive bidding enables municipalities to obtain painting of center lines & edge lines, curbs, crosswalks and handwork such as letters, handicap symbols, directional arrows and yield signs. Municipalities schedule their projects directly with the contractor.
  • SMPDC - Copy/Computer Paper: May 21st - 2017-2018 Bid Results
    This bid offers members the opportunity to receive excellent prices that include delivery of the highest quality dual-purpose copier paper. Sizes and products include: letter, legal, ledger, colored and recycled paper. To place your order, contact Marian either by phone, fax or e-mail.  

    ** PLEASE NOTE: Again this year schools and non-profits will be charged a small administrative fee of 3% of the total purchased amounts to help with costs associated in the copy paper bid process. A separate invoice will be sent at the end of the contract period. Even with this additional fee, you will see a significant savings on your copy paper purchases. Municipalities will not be charged an administrative fee, as this cost will be included in your yearly dues amounts.
  • SMPDC - Road Salt: July 23rd - 2017-2018 Bid Results
    Since 2011, SMPDC has gone out to bid separate from GPCOG for road salt supplies to see if we could get better pricing due to our location being closer to the Portsmouth Salt Storage. The prices have been very competitive.  You order directly from the salt supplier, but be sure to specify that you are purchasing under the SMPDC bid to get our low prices.

    ** PLEASE NOTE: This year, because of time, printing, and mailing costs associated with securing the lowest Road Salt pricing, SMPDC will be charging your town a small administrative fee of .25% per ton. A separate billing will be sent out at the end of the winter season for this fee. This fee is far less than SMPDC communities paid in prior years. Even with this added small Administrative fee, the savings you receive by purchasing your road salt needs from our Cooperative Purchasing Program will be substantial.


  • GPCOGPaving, Reclaiming:  May 16st - Enables towns to receive competitive pricing on one of the most expensive services they require.  Individual pricing, based on each community's scope of work, commands much lower prices than communities are typically able to obtain on their own.  Although most communities prefer Superpave, Maine DOT spec B, C, and D mixes are still offered by some contractors. -  2017-2018 Bid Results by Town.
  • GPCOG - Crack Sealing - May 16th - This bid is GPCOG's newest bid.    
  • GPCOG - Road Salt - June 11th - One of the largest road salt bids in the state.  Participants pay one of the lowest prices per ton available anywhere for delivered salt.  Picked-up salt is offered as an option.   All salt is laboratory tested and must meet stringent specifications for gradation, moisture and sodium content.
  • GPCOG - Culvert Pipe - June 28th -  Municipalities can receive low pricing on aluminum alloy pipe, N12, SDR-35, drainage tubing, CMP and aluminum coated Type II CMP and poly pipe.  2017-2018 Bid Results.  
  • GPCOG - Heating Fuels - June 6th - Allows communities and school departments and other eligible agencies to purchase #1, #2, #4 and #6, K-1 and propane fuels at the most favorable prices available.  Awarded companies cannot charge more than their cost, PLUS a fixed profit margin (add-on) during the term of each bid.  2017-2018 Bid Results.  
  • GPCOG - Signs and Accessories - August 2nd -  This long running bid has been noted for obtaining the lowest available prices on quality signs, sign-posts, and other safety products such as barricades, flashers and barrels.  Signs are available in Engineer grade, high-intensity and prismatic reflectivity.  2017-2018 Bid Results.  
  • GPCOG - Transportation Fuels - September 5th - This bid allows communities and school departments and other eligible agencies to purchase, at the most favorable prices available.  Awarded companies cannot charge more than their cost, PLUS a fixed profit margin (add-on).  Products include regular and super unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel.  2017-2018 Bid Results.  
  • GPCOG - Office Supplies: October 2nd - WB Mason was awarded this year's Office Supply bid again this year.  Order your office supplies directly from WB Mason, but be sure they know you are part of this bid. GPCOG will be charging you a 3% Non-member Administrative Fee for participation in this bid. -2017-2018 Bid Results.

We strive to offer you the best quality products at the lowest price, you are not obligated to purchase through our bidding process, participation is voluntary.

Please remember that GPCOG will be charging you a Non-member Administrative Fee at the end of EACH contract period.  A separate invoice will be sent out from GPCOG and should be paid directly to them.

We encourage you to contact Marian Alexandre or phone her 571-7065 X 101 for more information or to be notified of bidding. If you didn't get a copy of the bid results, and want to see them, contact Marian.