About Us

Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission is governed by a 15 member Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee is comprised of both appointed and elected municipal officials from the 39 member towns.  Each town appoints two members (in the case of cities up to 4) to serve on the General Assembly.  Executive Committee members are elected each year at the SMPDC Annual Meeting from the General Assembly.  The General Assembly approves the annual budget and work plan for SMPDC in addition to electing Executive Committee members and approving any by-law changes.


The SMPDC Executive Committee meets bi-monthly and sometimes more often.  The Committee makes decisions on loans and grants, sets strategic directions, reviews budgets, sets dues amounts and acts as the ambassadors for the Commission in the region.  The Committee includes a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.


Municipal and county dues form the basis for the operation of SMPDC.  These funds are crucial for matching state and federal contracts and funding needed overhead expenses.  All dues paying members are counted as members of the Council of Governments.