York County Hazard Mitigation Plan

updated 08/23/2004


SMRPC, in cooperation with the York County Emergency Management Agency, has completed a Hazard Mitigation Plan for York County. This plan assesses the county's level of risk for several different types of potential disasters and identifies measures that the county and its 29 towns can take to mitigate against them. This plan is being completed so that York County will continue to be eligible for disaster relief funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency beyond 2004, per the federal Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000.

Click here to view the Executive Summary of the Hazard Mitigation Plan (about 10 pages).

Click here to view the full plan (about 100 pages).

Click here to view the plan annexes for the 29 individual municipalities in York County.

Click here to view base maps for each of the 29 municipalities in York County.

Appendix Tables from the Hazard Mitigation Plan can be downloaded here:

Click here to download Appendix A-Inventory Summary
Click here to download Appendix B-Disaster History
Click here to download Appendix C-Loss Data

If you have questions or comments about the report or would just like more information, please contact Paul Schumacher at [email protected] or 207-324-2952


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