Town of Arundel: Draft Comprehensive Plan

Updated: 10/24/03

The Town of Arundel has been working for the past two years to update its 1994 Comprehensive Plan. This process has included the development of a community vision statement, revising the inventory of community resources, and drafting a future land use plan and local goals and policies for the future of the town. Each of these items can be downloaded from this website. The vision statement describes the overall vision of the town and various neighborhoods. Chapters 1 through 27 represent various sections of the inventory of the town's resources. There are chapters on the demographic makeup of the community, its economy, its housing, its natural resources, its cultural and historical resources, and its municipal facilities and services. Questions and comments should be directed to Dan Fleishman, Town Planner at 985-4201.

Note: You will need Acrobat Reader to view the documents. If you do not currently have this software on your compute, you can click here to download Acrobat Reader for free.


Vision Statement

Vision Statement for the Future of Arundel


Future Land Use Plan

Goals, Policies and Actions

Survey Response

Inventory Chapters


Chapter 1: Demographics
Chapter 2: Economics
Chapter 3: Housing Supply
Chapter 4: Housing Costs
Chapter 5: Household Characteristics
Chapter 6: Housing Affordability
Chapter 7: Community Setting, Topography
Chapter 8: Surficial Geology and Soils
Chapter 9: Surface Water
Chapter 10: Groundwater Resources
Chapter 11: Wetlands
Chapter 12: Coastal Resources
Chapter 13: Forest Resources
Chapter 14: Wildlife Habitat
Chapter 15: Historic Cultural
Chapter 16: Land Use
Chapter 17: General Government
Chapter 18: Public Safety
Chapter 19: Transportation
Chapter 20: Highway Department
Chapter 21: Recreation
Chapter 22: Utilities
Chapter 23: Solid Waste
Chapter 24: Water Supply
Chapter 25: Sewage Disposal
Chapter 26: Education
Chapter 27: Fiscal Analysis


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