Subdivision Model Ordinance

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PDF Format

The following files are in PDF format: Articles 1-15; Appendices. The PDF files are an exact copy of the published book. If these files are too large or you prefer a different format, you may view the individual chapters in Word format below. Click here to view Articles 1-15 or Appendices.


Word Format

Article 1 - Purposes (Word Document)
Article 2 - Authority and Administration (Word Document)
Article 3 - Definitions (Word Document)
Article 4 - Administrative Procedure (Word Document)
Article 5 - Preapplication Sketch Plan (Word Document)
Article 6 - Minor Subdivision (Word Document)
Article 7 - Preliminary Plan for Major Subdivision (Word Document)
Article 8 - Final Plan for Major Subdivision (Word Document)
Article 9 - Revisions to Approved Plans (Word Document)
Article 10 - Inspections and Enforcement (Word Document)
Article 11 - Performance Standards (Word Document)
Article 12 - Design Guidelines (Word Document)
Article 13 - Performance Guarantees (Word Document)
Article 14 - Waivers (Word Document)
Article 15 - Appeals (Word Document)

Appendix A Statute or (Word Document)
Appendix B Letter of Credit or (Word Document)
Appendix C Drainage Easement or (Word Document)
Appendix D Application Form or (Word Document)
Appendix E Receipt of Application (Word Document)
Appendix F Notice to Abutter (Word Document)
Appendix G Notice to Municipalities (Word Document)
Appendix H Incomplete Application (Word Document)
Appendix I Notice of Complete Application (Word Document)
Appendix J Notice of Public Hearing (Word Document)
Appendix K Extend Review Period (Word Document)
Appendix L Notice of Preliminary Approval (Word Document)
Appendix M Notice of Decision (Word Document)
Appendix N Final Application Checklist for Minor Subdivision
(Word Document)
Appendix O Preliminary Application Checklist for Major Subdivisions or (Word Document)
Appendix P Final Application Checklist for Major Subdivision or (Word Document)
Appendix Q Article 11
Appendix R Article 12
Appendix S Typical Street Cross Section (Word Document)
Appendix T Maine's Regional Councils (Word Document)
Appendix U Soil and Water Conservation Districts (Word Document)
Appendix V Planning Board Record of Subdivision Applications (Word Document)




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